Certified Mediation Training

Certified Accredited Mediator Training

The 2020 Mediation course is a highly interactive, integrated programme designed to enhance and bring about a positive change in thinking and behaviour among the course participants who negotiate in organisations or want to apply mediation skills in their area of work or profession.

This immersive 8-day course takes participants on a deep dive into the theory & practice of developing a mediation mindset and cultivate the traits of skilled mediators to have greater impact through enhancing existing experience and communication skills.

Margaret Considine and Julie McAuliffe, Master Mediators, will deliver this highly customised course to ensure that you are prepared and practiced to mediate in control and effectively.

Course Benefits
  • Clarify your objectives in mediation: goal setting
  • Understanding and knowledge of Mediation theory, principles, styles, models and a Toolkit of how to apply them
  • Develop an authentic conflict management style through the study of how to manage and resolve disputes
  • Awareness to identify personal and professional biases and how these influence the mediation process
  • Application of learned mediation theory and skills through exercises and role-play
  • Develop problem solving techniques, understand adversarial versus partnership negotiation and identify the true power and position of both parties

Who is this course for

Anyone who wants to add a unique qualification in a growing profession to their expertise – not exclusively but former participants have been HR Managers, People Managers, Team Leaders, Trade Union Officials, Consultants, Medics, Engineers,  or anyone who negotiates and deals with conflict and dispute resolution or who would like to!

Why attend

Accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland and delivered by leading experts, this course aims to take you on a journey of understanding your conflict management style through understanding and learning core mediation concepts and applying them to workplace and commercial mediation fields. Small group numbers ensure consistent one-to-one support and feedback throughout the course. All course notes, books and articles are included.  After qualifying, should you wish, we will assist with your Mii membership application and access to Sharing and Learning Groups – a fantastic way to stay connected with the Mediators network and have regular meetings with informed discussions on recent casework.


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