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Workplace Mediation and Commercial Dispute Resolution

Our Advanced Practise Mediators, who are Mii accredited in Ireland, deal with workplace relationship challenges. These vary from a simple negative undercurrent that has not manifested yet to a conflict that affects the general moral and efficient running of a work environment.

Our experts in Commercial Disputes can assist in finding common ground or, when required, become a valuable member of your strategic team. We work with many State agencies, Multinationals, as well as SME both in Ireland and internationally.

Here are samples of the more common mediation areas we successfully mediate:

Disagreements and conflict between co-workers in the same team or between groups.
Harassment, discrimination, and bullying allegations.
Disputes between employees and supervisors/line managers.
Senior managers relationships and conflicts.
Executive-level and boardroom disputes.
Mergers or acquisitions mediation.
Business partner disputes.

We believe that a resolution or agreement in a mediation process is found by the disputed parties and not our mediators. We do not act as a judge or jury and never reference who we believe is right or what you should do.

As expected, our mediation projects are treated in the highest confidence and respect individuals’ privacy or critical company information. We are fully insured and are happy to agree to an NDA when required.

For more information or to organise an exploratory session, please call our team in confidence on +353 (1) 293 4741. You can also email our dedicated mediation and commercial dispute team at

If you are interested in developing your Mediation skills please check our Accredited Mediation Course